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Sunday, August 17, 2003



I very much enjoy Little League Baseball, and since the Boston RedSox let us baseball fans down every year, there is nothing like watching kids "playing" the game, having fun, and taking us along for the ride. We want to watch baseball, to -watch baseball games, and nothing else. We want to watch teams play because they love the game, not because they have to live up to their $106M contract. Watching the "pros" is watching an advertisement.
My 2 sons play, and we are also, from Saugus MA, and what a game tonight (semi-final vs. TX). My sons and I rode the roller coaster through that game watching furiously captivated at every play, the emotions were running high, but they DO run just as strong in the community games that are played every season around town in little league. Just because the games are on TV (which are awesome!), doesn't mean the children are somehow going to be scarred for life. I think the opposite is at play. The kids know they are into something tremendous, and only comes around once in their lives if they are lucky, and these kids are lucky. I feel lucky to be able to watch them play on TV. If adults feel this is stripping our children of their youth, then maybe they never got to do anything this ecxiting as children, or even as adults. Every kid in little league plays to win, of course, winning is great, but they also know right off the bat, losing comes along with it. I think some of these adults are acting very childish over something they obviously don't understand.
I bet these whiners never had a child in a little league playoff game. Because if they did, they would love to see their kids on TV, and their kids would embrace it just as these kids have.


Dear Carole:

I couldn't agree with you more.

There has to be something missing form their lives (or a dark and ugly case of childhood cowardice) that leads to this kind of resentment and sneering at children's games.

Enough on them.

In case you didn't watch the game, here's the recap:

The situation was all a Little Leaguer could ask for – bottom of the 7th, winning run on third, two outs, 3-2 count, and 28,000 enthusiastic baseball fans on their feet.

Saugus’s David Ferriera found himself right in the middle of that circumstance Thursday night in one of the U.S. semifinals. This, after his Saugus team blew a 6-run lead in the 6th, and this, after his Saugus mates had tied the score with 3 runs after Richmond had jumped out to a 13-10 lead in the top half of the 7th.

Ferreira’s ever-so-slow roller down the 3rd base line scored Dario Pizzano for the winning tally as Ferreira narrowly beat the throw to first. Final score: Saugus 14, Richmond 13, in what was perhaps the greatest, most exciting Little League World Series game of all time.

His reaction to his play, was vintage Massachusettes:

“It feels wicked good.”



Personally I am really disturbed at the thought of putting the Little League World Series on TV being wrong. People like the author of that article found all the bad in that and thats not many. Most of these kids never forget their times in Williamsport and LOVE being on Sportscenter and ESPN. They do not drag on the kids being upset after a big loss, they show how the kids usually feel better pretty darn fast. I mean those kids had the times of their lives and love baseball. I have talked to plenty of the 2003 players and they don't feel like they were showed wrong on ESPN or ESPN 2, they loved their time there.
And on the fact that kids don't collect baseball cards anymore and stick them in their bike tires, thats obvious, times change. We don't expect kids to play stickball with a stone anymore do we? No, we expect them to use their metal bats and go out their and play till their hearts content. Yes they have XBox and Playstation 2, who cares if they use it. People who watch TV are normal now, but many years ago that was frowned upon! The main thing is that times change, the whole baseball card phenomenon couldn't last forever.
The Little League World Series being on TV is a blessing. It gives people who love baseball a chance to watch kids play. It give 10 year old Little League ball players something to try for. Of course it has some cons, but you don't focus on those you focus on the pros. Come on, we are talking about 12 year old boys, they go to the LLWS looking for girls and a good game of baseball, why give that a bad name?

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